Addendum Writers’ Consultancy provides editorial services for anyone who is in the process of writing a book and who would benefit from some professional guidance. Using the wisdom and skills of an experienced editor and publisher, Addendum offers feedback on work in progress, as well as guidance on the preparation of synopses and sample material for submission to agents.

Addendum LiliesOver recent years, editorial input from the traditional sources – agents and publishers’ editors – has decreased. If you are writing a book with a view to submitting it to an agent or publisher, the expectation now is that the work will have been done before the manuscript reaches their desks. Addendum offers a service to guide writers through the process of strengthening their manuscripts to help them achieve the best possible end result.

Addendum Line Edit Increasingly, writers are seeking the support they need through writing groups, creative writing courses and the editorial services of the writers’ consultant. Many consultants are published authors who can give useful insights into the process of writing and being published. Sarah Westcott, Addendum’s director and reader, provides something different. As a former editor and publisher, she is able to offer to writers her experience as an acquiring and commissioning editor with the inside knowledge of an industry professional.

IMG_0620Your manuscript appraisal will involve a detailed read of your script along with a choice of a short or long report, but every writer is individual and Sarah is happy to discuss with you the format you will find most useful. Writers may request specific feedback on editorial issues that are concerning them, but in general reports will look at structure, plotting and character development as well as suitability for the market. A full editing service is also available, as well as one-to-one consultations.

To discuss the range of editorial services further, call Addendum on 07527 545 582